• Poblado Jose Ma. Pino Suarez

  • Entronque Canal de Riego

  • Entronque Poblado la Gloria

  • Entronque Camino las Glorias

  • Interseccion Camino las Glorias

  • Entrada a Propiedad

Las Glorias Project in property 79 acres ideal for Eco-tourism development with contours of 5, 10, and 15 meters above sea level, forming a rectangle, three of its water is nested: In front the Pacific Ocean; On one side of the Rio and the jet stream, and the other side the Laguna Sabanita. Giving Beautiful 180 ° views from any point, projecting a paradise of relaxation and exclusivity.

It has the freehold title of “Full Ownership”; Registered in the Public Registry of Property. With cadastral account number.